Using international Disability Parking Permits in Scotland


Visitors to Scotland can use their international disability parking permits whilst
travelling with some exceptions and checks.

  • There are no formal reciprocal agreements for travellers from EEA, US, Canada and others. Local authorities (councils) in Scotland will accept permits but travellers should check with the local authority where they are travelling for any local exceptions.
  • To find the local authority where your accommodation or visitor attraction is located, enter their Postcode into the search engine on the linked page: Find A Local Authority

Local scheme

In Scotland the disabled parking permit scheme is known as the Blue Badge Scheme and registered to a person not a vehicle. So long as the person is travelling as either a driver or passenger the Blue Badge can be used. This means that if you are a visitor hiring a car you can still use your permit.

It is important that you display your permit clearly on the dashboard so that it is visible and readable from outside the car. The pass must also show an expiry date.

There may be some regional variations such as parking times or restrictions. You can contact the local authority you are travelling to for more information.

Where can you park?

The Blue badge scheme leaflet Rights+and+Responsibilities+of+a+Blue+Badge+holder.pdf ( has more information on rights and responsibilities utilising the scheme. The Blue Badge scheme in Scotland allows holders to park:

  • on single or double yellow lines for as long as is required, unless there are restrictions onloading or unloading as indicated by yellow kerb dashes and/or signs on plates(individual local authorities can choose to exempt Blue Badge holders from this restriction)
  • for free, and for as long as required, in on-street parking bays managed by parking meters and pay-and-display machines
  • for free, and without a time limit (unless signs state otherwise) in ‘on-street’ disabled parking bays, which are indicated by signs with a blue wheelchair symbol. Drivers are encouraged to try to use these bays instead of parking on yellow lines.

If a badge holder parks where their vehicle would cause an obstruction or danger to other road users, they can be fined, receive a parking ticket, or have their vehicle removed eg. parking over pedestrian crossing or in bus stops.

  • The Scheme does not apply on private roads.
  • The Scheme does not apply in off-street car parks although some may allocate spaces. You should check the signs to see what concessions are available, and whether Blue Badge holders have to pay. Always display your Blue Badge when occupying one of these spaces. If you are unsure whether you can park, you should check with a traffic warden, police officer or the relevant parking attendant.
  • The Scheme does not apply on the road systems at some airports (e.g. Edinburgh, Glasgow and Prestwick). You should therefore contact the airport concerned in advance to check the car parking arrangements.

Travelling outside Scotland but within the UK

If you are travelling outside Scotland but within the UK,
England, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own rules for Blue Badge parking. Details can be found using the following links.



Northern Ireland

Using your badge outside the UK

The Blue Badge is recognised in many other countries. Check the rules for the country you’re visiting. The link below is to a guide to international disabled parking. Be especially aware that rules in Europe may have changed since the UK’s exit from the European Union so do check details before you visit.

FIA Guide for the Disabled Traveller

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