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When someone has been turned down for statutory funding, other forms of support may be available from ‘grant-giving’ charities and trusts. Grants are made at the charity’s discretion, and are subject to funding being available. Grant Funders will not pay for items retrospectively, i.e. items you have already purchased. Most funders will not accept applications directly from the public. Instead, a third party such as a social worker, medical or advice professional must apply on your behalf. The exception to this is grants for disabled children, where funders often take applications directly from parents. The following is just a small selection of ‘grant-giving’ organisations.

Grants to Help Disabled People

Mobility Trust

The Mobility Trust provides powered wheelchairs and scooters to severely disabled people, of all ages, who can’t get the equipment through other means. The Trust sources the equipment; it does not give grants for applicants to buy the equipment themselves. An occupational therapy assessment is arranged and paid for by the trust, before equipment is provided.

Applications directly from individuals are permitted. To see if the Mobility Trust can help you, the first step is to fill in the information form on their website. They also have a phone number and email address, if you need more information:

Phone:  0118 9842588

The Hospital Saturday Fund

The Hospital Saturday Fund provides grants to people with a disability/health condition to pay for a wide range of mobility equipment, medical aids, home adaptations and therapeutic treatments such as physiotherapy. The Fund will not correspond with individuals, so make sure to get a professional to submit the application on your behalf. Applications are made via the website, where there is also more information on what they will fund.

Independence at Home

Provides grants to people of any age who are disabled or have a long term health condition, to help them live independently at home. To receive a grant you must be in financial need, have an ‘eligible’ health condition, and be unable to obtain funding from statutory sources. Grants are provided for mobility and disability equipment, home adaptations, communications equipment, general furnishings, beds and more.
Applications must be made to the charity by a third party, using the application form on their website.

Barchester’s Charitable Foundation

Provides grants to adults 18 + with a physical disability, learning disability, or mental health condition. Grants of £100-£600 are given towards the cost of buying or adapting mobility equipment for outdoor use. This includes wheelchairs, mobility scooters, bikes/trikes and car adaptations.

Applications are made on the foundation’s website and must be submitted by a third party, such as a health care professional, social worker or charity/support representative.


Equipment for Independent Living

Provides one-off grants towards disability equipment for people in financial hardship over the age of 16. The equipment must aid with the applicant’s mobility, independence or ability to work. Applications must be made by a third party professional. To access the grant’s contact details, professionals can make an intermediary account on the Turn2Us grant search website.

Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust

Provides grants to British citizens, who are disabled or in ill health. Funds are offered to pay for medical and household aids to help with independent living. Examples of items funded include wheelchairs, nebulisers, computers, washing machines and more.

Funding must not be available elsewhere. Applications must be made by a professional and when applying for specialised equipment; must include an occupational health or physiotherapy report specifying the need for that particular make/brand. Application forms can be found on the Trust’s website.


The Talisman Charitable Trust

Provides grants to people ‘going short’, i.e. on a low income or living in poverty. One off grants are provided to help with disability as well as education, health and housing.

Applications must be made on your behalf by a council worker, Citizen’s Advice or charity worker. Grants are not meant to be a replacement of State Benefits , so you must have investigated state benefits as an option first. However, you may still apply for a grant, while on benefits.

Grants to Help Disabled Children

Caudwell Children’s Trust

Provides funding for disabled/chronically ill children under the age of 19 years, for mobility and sensory equipment. The trust also provides grants for children/young people up to the age of 25, for sports equipment. Equipment which can be funded includes powered wheelchairs, therapy trikes, car seats, buggies and more.

To be eligible, the child must be from a household with an overall income of less than £45,000 a year. Grants can pay for up to 70-80% of the cost of equipment. Parents/Guardians may apply for their child, though a supporting letter from the child’s physiotherapist or occupational therapist is needed. To apply, fill in the application form on the trust’s website. 

: 0345 300 1348

Children’s Hope Foundation

Provides grants to children/young people up to the age of 25 with a disability, illness, and poverty. The foundation provides grants for a wide range of things that will benefit a child’s health and wellbeing. Examples include medical equipment, medical treatments ,and equipment to aid learning such as computers. The Foundation will accept applications directly from parents/guardians. To apply, download an application form from their website.

Tel: 020 7700 6855

Challenger Children’s Fund

Provide grants for physically disabled children under 18 years, in Scotland. Funding is provided to meet a specific need not covered by statutory sources e.g clothing, apparatus, equipment, household appliances, furniture, adaptions to home or garden. Applications are normally made through a third party. Parents can contact the organisation directly.

Tel: 07531 580 414

Benevolent Funds

Many large employers, Trade Associations, Professional Bodies and Trade Unions have benevolent funds which are open to applications from current or ex-employees and their dependents. For example, The Drinks Trust provides grants to people who work/used to work in the drinks industry. Another example is the Cavell Trust which helps current/ex nurses and healthcare assistants. Members of the armed forces or veterans may be eligible for help from the The British Legion or SSAFA. If you need help to find a benevolent fund related to your industry, you can call our helpline on 0300 323 9961.

Grants for people with specific health conditions

Some charities/trusts related to specific health conditions offer financial assistance to people with that health condition. Some examples are:

Cystic Fibrosis Trust 

Grants for people with Cystic Fibrosis for a wide range of uses. This includes grants for household appliances, everyday essentials, equipment, funerals, holidays, transplants and more.


Further Information and useful contacts

For information on financial assistance for holidays, see our Holiday and Respite Grants information guide

Information last updated on 30 May 2024. Please note that information may be subject to change. All information is provided in good faith but Disability Information Scotland does not endorse any product or service referred to within this resource.

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