T.F.H. Special Needs Toys Ltd

Description of service: Mail order company that supplies outdoor equipment including swings, tactile toys, trampolines, plus multi-sensory and soft play rooms. Catalogue available on request. Equipment hire: Do not hire out equipment, but can help with installation and training. Access to premises: Premises are wheelchair accessible to public, only if notice of visit has been…


Website which has been designed to help people find appropriate sources of financial support, quickly and easily

UK Association for Accessible Formats

Aims: To promote a fully integrated society for blind and partially sighted people, or others with any impairment which makes reading difficult (“print impairments”) with equitable access to information by: promoting standards, and enhancing the widespread use, availability and quality of formats and materials which are fully accessible; anddetermining the English literary braille code, and…

Magnum Vehicle Solutions Ltd

Description of service: Magnum has a range of top-quality products designed specifically to help those drivers with limited mobility. Including the Blue Badge SatNav system bbnav and the Prizma Panoramic Interior Mirror which is used by many mobility fitters throughout the UK. The Company specialise in high-quality blind spot mirrors. These mirrors are especially good…

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