Glasgow Good Information Group (GGIG) Documents

Saying it Simply

Finding out what people did with the letters they received through the post.

Please note that screen-reader users should use the Text version of  the Saying it Simply Report.

SIS Report (PDF)

SIS-Report (Word)

It’s All About Pictures: Putting Symbol Sets to the Test

Consumer-testing 5 of the most commonly used Symbol Sets.

Consumer-Testing with Service organisations report

CTSO Report (PDF)

Event and Survey Report

Event and Survey Report (PDF)

Symbol Sets Factfiles

Factfile Symbol Sets (PDF)

Easy Read Good Practice Guidelines

Good practice guides (PDF)

Electronic Accessibility: Making Pictures Accessible to Screen-reading Software

Report eAccessibility (PDF)

Please note that information may be subject to change. All advice is provided in good faith but Disability Information Scotland does not guarantee the accuracy of these materials.

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