STAF – Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum

Aims: To improve support for young people leaving care, by sharing good practice, creating networks and influencing local and national developments. Services provided: Staf is a membership organisation open to all those who have Corporate Parenting responsibilities or who work directly with care leavers.  This includes local authorities, health boards, third and independent sector organisations,…

Worster-Drought Syndrome Support Group

Aims: To provide information and support for families and people with Worster-Drought Syndrome To raise awareness of Worster-Drought Syndrome with professional workers and other interested individuals. services provided: Offer support and advice via email Provide information Links families. membership: No membership fees, though voluntary contributions are welcomed.  

ClearVision Project

Aims: To give children and young people a wide range of interesting books which they can share with sighted friends, family and teachers, letting them learn to read more easily.  To let braille reading adults share books with sighted children. Services provided: The ClearVision process takes standard children’s picture books and adds the brailled text…

Pet Fostering Service Scotland

Aims: To provide support to pet owners during crisis situations. Services provided: Provides short term care for the pets of people who are unable to care for them because of crisis situations and are unable to afford kennel fees Fosterers are recruited who can care for the pet in their own home. cost: The cost…

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