Child Disability Payment in Scotland

Child Disability Payment is the benefit paid by Social Security Scotland to help with the extra costs that are involved in caring for a disabled child. This benefit is specific to Scotland and has replaced Child Disability Living Allowance in Scotland.…

Child Disability Payment

Who can receive Child Disability Payment

If you are the parent or guardian of a disabled child between three months old and 16 years old and you live in Scotland then you can apply for Child Disability Payment. This benefit has two main parts

  •  a care component and
  • a mobility component. 

We will explain these two parts below; they have different age rules. 

Age Rules

  • a child is eligible for the care component from three months old
  • a child may be eligible for the higher rate of mobility component from three years old
  • a child with less severe mobility problems may qualify for the lower rate of mobility from five years old
  • your child must be under 16 to apply for Child Disability Payment but can choose to continue to receive it until they are 18
  • there are special rules for terminally ill children where Child Disability Benefit can be awarded  from birth. 

At 16 a child can choose to apply for Adult Disability Payment instead of Child Disability Payment. They should get advice about which benefit they are best to claim between 16 and 18.

How to apply for Child Disability Payment

There are two possible ways to apply for Child Disability Payment.


You can apply by calling Social Security Scotland on 0800 182 2222.

They will ask you some questions to get your application started and then send you a form to complete for the second part of your application. You will be given a 6 week deadline to complete the second form; let Social Security Scotland know if you cannot send it by the deadline.  


You can begin an application for Child Disability Payment online here

If you do not already have a Scottish Government myaccount myaccount – you will need to set one up.  

If you phone, your claim is backdated to the date that you made the first phone call. If you apply online, your claim will start when the first form is completed. 

What help can I get to apply?

Social Security Scotland advisors can give you information about the application process over the phone or in Webchat.

The phone number to contact them is 0800 182 2222

Or you can use the Webchat link to chat online. 

You can also contact them by post at

Social Security Scotland
General Enquiries
PO Box 10301

You can get help to make your claim from Social Security Scotland’s local delivery service. A Social Security Scotland adviser can visit you at home or nearby and help you complete the application; they will give you information about the process and tell you what kind of supporting information you need to provide. You can find out more details about the local delivery service here:

You can also get free help from Voiceability VoiceAbility | Support to access benefits in Scotland  if you are disabled and want advocacy support to help you through the claims (and appeals) process. You can contact Voiceability directly or ask for their help through Social Security Scotland. 

Other help with your application

A benefits advisor could help you to complete the application form and make sure you are applying for everything you are entitled to. You may be able to find a benefits adviser at:  

  • a council or housing association welfare benefits service 
  • your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau
  • an adviser at a carer’s centre or GP practice 

There are other local organisations in your area; call us on 0300 323 9961 to find out what help is available

How much is Child Disability Payment? 

There are various possible components to Child Disability Payment and what you get in payments will depend on your child’s disability. 

The care component

There are three possible weekly rates for the care component:

Lowest is £26.90 (2023/2024) and £28.70 (2024/2025)

Middle is £68.10 (2023/2024) and £72.65 (2024/2025)

Highest is £101.75 (2023/2024) and £108.55 (2024/2025)

The mobility component

There are just two weekly rates for the mobility component.

Lower is £26.90 (2023/2024) and £28.70 (2024/2025)

Higher is £71.00 (2023/2024) and £75.75 (2024/2025)

If you want to find out more about these rates and when your child may be eligible, you can find information on the Citizens Advice Scotland website here Child Disability Payment – Citizens Advice Scotland or on the Scottish Government website here Child Disability Payment –

Supporting evidence

Social Security Scotland will need information and evidence about your child’s disability. You can either supply this with your claim or give permission for Social Security Scotland to seek this evidence from medical and other professionals who support your child. If you can supply supporting evidence yourself it can help the process and make it a bit quicker. 

What can I use as supporting evidence?

  • a statement from a medical professional such as a GP, nurse, or occupational therapist, teacher, care worker or other professional who knows your child
  • documents you already have such as medical letters or educational reports that mention the issues your child faces and repeat prescriptions
  • a statement from someone who has witnessed the affect of your child’s disabilities  
  • a daily diary of the care and support your child needs and how often they need help

You can send supporting evidence with the second part of your application or as soon as you can afterwards. If Social security Scotland gives you a deadline for something and you won’t manage to meet it, let them know as they can be flexible with deadlines if you have a good reason for delay.  

They should contact you in the way you said would suit you – this may be phone, text, email or letter. Try to answer their questions promptly to avoid any delays with your claim. 


Information last updated on 29 April 2024. Please note that information may be subject to change. All information is provided in good faith but Disability Information Scotland does not endorse any product or service referred to within this resource.

If you would like this information guide in another version then please contact us and we will post or email you a copy.

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