Setting Accessibility Options in Instagram

Applying alternative Text (Alt-Text) to your images in Instagram on your phone or tablet.

You can apply your own Alt-Text to your images when you are uploading them by doing the following:

  • Start a post
  • Select and edit your image
  • When it gets to the section where you write your caption, finish writing that and then scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see Advanced Settings. Click on this.

Image showing advanced options for instagram

  • At the bottom of this page you will now see Write Alt Text. Click on this.

Image showing where the write alt text button is in instagram

  • Write a description of your image.

Image showing where to write alt text in instagram

  • Click Done and then the back pointing arrow to take you to the caption page where you can click Share to upload your post.


You can apply Alt-Text to your images after you have uploaded them by doing the following:

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right of your image and choose Edit

Images showing where to find the 3 dots to edit your image in instagram

  • If you look at your image you will see it now has the text Edit Alt Text overlayed on the bottom right hand side of it. Click this.

image showing how to find alternative text button in instagram

  • Write a description of your image

Image showing where to write alt text in instagram

  • Click Done

Alt Text will only be read by someone using a screen reader.

If you do not apply your own Alt-text for your images Instagram will attempt to apply its own description after using artificial intelligence to analyse your image. This may result in a description which is not accurate. Best advice…write your own alt-text.


Adding captions to Instagram Reels and Stories

If you have produced a video for Instagram Reels or Stories without putting captions into it when you made it or you are recording straight into the app itself you can use Instagrams own captioning function to provide the captions for your video.  Having tested this I found it to be fairly accurate if the speech in your video is clear to begin with.

To use the captioning function do the following:

  • Click on the plus button below your profile picture.

Image showing how to add a reel to instagram

  • Choose whether it is a Reel or a Story and then either record your video straight into the app through your devices camera or insert your premade video from your devices media library. This tutorial doesn’t cover how to do either of these as it could be different for different devices or operating systems.

Image showing where to choose reel or story in instagram

  • Click on the sticker icon (see below)

Image showing where the sticker button is in Instagram

  • Choose Captions. Your captions will then be autogenerated and you should check them for accuracy. When the captions appear on your screen you can edit them by clicking on the block of captions and then choosing which word or words to edit. Click Done and then upload your work.

Image showing where the captions button is in instagram




In this section we will discuss accessible options for Twitter.

Adding Alt-Text to images in Twitter posts if you are using a phone or tablet



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