Social Security Scotland benefits Spring 2024

Social Security Scotland is the agency in Scotland that has taken over some disability related benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions.  You may already know about some of the devolved benefits but we will highlight the main ones below:

Disability Benefits

Child Disability Payment

Child Disability Payment was the first of the Scottish Disability benefits to be introduced,  applications  began in November 2021. It has now replaced Child Disability Living Allowance in Scotland.

You can find our how to claim here Child Disability Payment –

Adult Disability Payment

Adult Disability Payment is replacing Personal Independence Payment as the the disability benefit that working age people can make new claims for in Scotland. It was launched in March 2022 in pilot areas,  and all new claims in Scotland are for Adult Disability Benefit so no-one in Scotland can make a new claim for Personal Independence Payment any more.  Many people have already been transferred from Personal Independence Payment to Adult Disability Payment and everyone is due to be transferred by 2025.

The transfer may be triggered by a change in circumstances or a review for some. Others may receive a letter telling them when their benefit will be transferred across and let them know whether or not they need to do anything. If your claim is being reviewed you will receive forms to complete and return.

Adult Disability Payment is explained here  Adult Disability Payment –

Carer’s Benefits

Carer’s Allowance Supplement

Carer’s Allowance Supplement a benefit which is paid automatically on two dates in the year to most carers who receive Carer’s Allowance or Carer Support Payment in Scotland. To qualify, you need to be in Scotland and receiving Carer’s Allowance or Carer Support Payment on a particular date. So, for example, if you are receiving one of those benefits 8th April 2024 then you will be eligible for the June 2024 payment of Carer’s Allowance Supplement of £288.60. The second payment date is December.

Find out more here Carer’s Allowance Supplement –

Young Carer Grant

If you are a carer in Scotland who is aged 16, 17 or 18 you may be entitled to an annual Young Carer Grant of £383.75 (2024/25 amount).  To be eligible you must care for someone who is on a qualifying disability benefit for at least 16 hours per week and have been caring for a minimum of 3 months when you claim.

Details are explained here Young Carer Grant –

Carer Support Payment

Carer Support Payment will eventually take over from Carer’s Allowance as the main benefit for Carers in Scotland. At the time of writing (March 2024), you can make new claims for Carer Support Payment in 3 council areas:

  • Dundee City
  • Perth and Kinross
  • the Western Isles

More council areas will be added to this list as the year continues. You can check whether you area has launched Carer Support Payment for new claims here

If you live outside those areas and are applying for a carer benefit for the first time then you should still be applying for Carer’s Allowance from the Department for Work and Pensions. Details of how to claim are here Carer’s Allowance: How it works – GOV.UK (

People now receiving Carer’s Allowance are being moved onto Carer Support Payment.  As with the transition to Adult Disability Payment, most people will not be required to do anything but will simply be notified of the move when the time comes. The 2024/2025 rate of both Carer’s Allowance and Carer Support Payment is £81.90 weekly.

Many of the rules about Carer’s Allowance and Carer Support payment are the same, including the rule about them overlapping with State Pension. Unlike Carer’s Allowance though, Carer Support Payment can be paid to some students. The new benefit is explained here Carer Support Payment –

You can learn more about all of the Social Security Scotland benefits on the Scottish Government website

Claiming a benefit entitlement because you are a carer or are disabled can increase your entitlement to means-tested support.  You can have a look at your likely entitlements on the Turn2us website here Turn2us Benefits Calculator  or call our helpline on 0300 323 9961 and our information team can help you to find a local benefit adviser.

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