Young Adult Carers Service

The service offers young adults the information they need to enjoy life and prepare for the future

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Services provided:

The Borders young Adult Carer Support Service can offer you the vital support and information you need to enjoy your life and prepare for the future.

They can:

  • Look at your personal situation to offer help based on current needs and commitments.
  • Provide advice and advocacy with employment and education, pointing you in the right direction to build the future you want.
  • Offer information on services, finance and training that can help ease the difficulties and pressure of caring for another.
  • Source opportunities for you to meet up and have a much needed ‘time out’ with others in a similar situation.
  • On-going support and advice can help you to find a balance and make the choices you want in life.


Borders Carers Centre
Low Buckholmside
Scottish Borders

Phone: 01896 752 431
Helpline number: 07502 131 609 (mobile)

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