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Yes to Life believes that integrative medicine is the future of cancer care

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Yes to Life offers support to people with cancer who want to take a proactive role in their treatment. Yes to Life helps open up choices, and supports people in finding a way forward that is right for them.

Healthcare is personal.  Yes to Life feels it is unethical to try to impose treatment choices on anyone – it simply is not their business.  Their job is to help people to decide what they want to do by providing information and referring them to qualified experts, and then to support them in their chosen path. Everyone should be able to make their own treatment choices; indeed, in the UK, choice in healthcare is a priority within government policy.

Yes to Life Help Centre offers support and information on all aspects of building an integrative programme for cancer.
Their dedicated helpline is open Monday to Friday; call and leave a message on

0870 163 2990


Unit 4
The Energy Centre
Bowling Green Walk
N1 6AL

Phone: 020 3222 0587
Helpline number: 0870 163 2990

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