Wheelyboat Trust (The)

Supplies wheelchair accessible Wheelyboats for disabled people to go fishing, pleasure boating and nature watching


To enable wheelchair users and other disabled people of all ages, to actively participate in a range of water-based activities such as angling, powerboating and nature watching.

Services provided:

Research and development by the Trust has given rise to the creation of the Wheelyboat, a boat specifically designed to be accessed and driven from a wheelchair . There are over 190 wheelyboats across the UK. They are used by disabled people of all ages, some locations can enable wheelchair users to gain qualifications such as Waterways Helmsman and Powerboat 1 & 2 certificates. They can also be used for bird-watching, picnicking and relaxation. Please visit the website for a list of Wheelyboat locations. 


North Lodge
Burton Park
West Sussex
GU28 0JT

Phone: 01798 342 222
Website: http://www.wheelyboats.org
Email: info@wheelyboats.org

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