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To provide adults with access to organised learning, which develops intellectual understanding, confidence, and social or collective responsibility.

Services provided:

The WEA is a national, democratic, voluntary sector provider of community-based and workplace-based adult learning. They make a unique contribution to lifelong learning. 14,000 people are enrolled on courses organised by the WEA in over 200 locations across Scotland. The WEA’s priority is to reach people who face barriers to learning.

  • Run courses for adults who wish to return to education to pick up skills or knowledge not learned during school years
  • Run courses for men and women who wish to continue learning throughout life
  • Run courses for collective bodies and groups such as trade unions, community and voluntary organisations who wish to put education to social use
  • Particular attention is given to the needs of adults who have experienced barriers to learning as a result of economic circumstances, social isolation, limited confidence, low self esteem or lack of educational opportunity.





17 Gayfield Square

Phone: 0131 226 3456
Website: http://www.weascotland.org.uk
Email: scotland@wea.org.uk

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