Official advocacy services for disability benefits claimants

Our advocates will cover the length and breadth of Scotland. The advocacy we provide will support disabled people to make sure their voices are heard and that they know and understand their rights when applying for Social Security Scotland benefits.

Anyone in Scotland who self-identifies as disabled, can get advocacy support to help them to understand and access Social Security Scotland benefits.

Support is also available for parents, guardians, or carers who are accessing benefits for a disabled child. Or for parents, guardians, or carers who are disabled and want support to access social security benefits for their child.


c/o Sayer Vincent Invicta House
108-114 Golden Lane
United Kingdom

Phone: 0300 303 1660
Website: https://www.voiceability.org/support-and-help/support-to-access-benefits-in-scotland
Email: socialsecurityadvocacy@voiceability.org

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