Voice for Choice

Campaigning to secure abortion on request throughout the UK

Services provided:

Voice for Choice is a national coalition of organisations working alongside the All Party Parliamentary Pro-Choice and Sexual Health Group to campaign for a woman’s choice on abortion. Members include organisations and individuals whose everyday work relates to abortion in some way – as service providers, advocates, educators, trainers, academics or counsellors. They meet regularly to share information, plan joint activities and support each other’s work.
Its aims are to ensure that:

  • Abortion be available solely at the request of the pregnant woman within existing legal time limits
  • Abortion services are subject to the same statutory regulations as other medical services
  • Suitably trained nurse practitioners be allowed to provide early medical and surgical abortions, in both the NHS and non-NHS sector
  • The law in Northern Ireland be brought into line with the rest of the UK
  • Current legal abortion rights are defended



Phone: 7708200159
Website: http://www.vfc.org.uk
Email: laura.russell57@gmail.com

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