Provide information, advice, training, advocacy, counselling & group work to carers living in Edinburgh & the Lothians

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VOCAL (Voice of Carers Across Lothian) supports carers in all family or relationship settings, be they defined by kinship, partnership, friendship, affection or obligation.  vocal services include information, advice and emotional support, training, counselling and groupwork..

Services provided:

  • Advice and information for carers
  • Carers counselling service
  • Family support addictions service providing support to families of drug and alcohol users
  • Training, leisure and social activities for carers (courses / workshops)
  • Developmental work to improve carer services in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Local groups:

Several local groups meet at VOCAL. Organisations may apply to use VOCAL’s premises at reduced rates. Premises are fully accessible.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Additional information:

T: 0131 663 6869
E: midlothian@vocal.org.uk

VOCAL Carer Centre
Hardengreen Estate
30/1 Dalhousie Road
Dalkeith EH22 3NX


VOCAL Edinburgh Carers' Hub
60 Leith Walk

Phone: 0131 622 6666
Website: http://www.vocal.org.uk/
Email: centre@vocal.org.uk

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