Vitiligo Society

Offer support and information to people with vitiligo and their families

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Services provided:

The Vitiligo Society is a small, national charity whose main aim is to support people with vitiligo.  Support is given through:

  • the regularly updated website;
  • the newsletter, ‘Dispatches’ which keeps members in touch with the latest research, treatments and other members’ experiences;
  • holding open days, where people with vitiligo are supported, given the latest information about the condition and have the opportunity to meet other people with vitiligo;  
  • campaigning for a better understanding of vitiligo within the medical profession;
  • raising awareness of vitiligo among the general public.

The Society also supports research initiatives and closely monitors new research.

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Thursday,10.30am – 2.30pm
(Visitors, by appointment only).


24 Greencoat Place

Phone: 020 7798 6051
Helpline number: 0800 018 2631 (Information line)

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