Values Into Action Scotland

VIAS promotes rights, choice, support and control for people with autism, learning disabilities and /or difficulties. We believe in citizenship. Citizenship means being a real part of a community where everyone is treated equally.

VIAS Services:

Supported Employment Services. called TRIPLE E. Elevating, Equally, Excellence.

Our 1-2-1 supported employment service is the recognized Stage 1-5 service aimed at securing employment for individuals on the autistic spectrum, have a learning disability and or learning difficulty from ages 16-65. We will Elevate existing skill levels no matter what they are, treat people as equals and working together we will produce excellence with that vision we will find long term employment for all on our program, giving those disabled people more freedom and financial security.

Business to Business Consultation Services promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. (EDI)

The EDI Team will allow organizations to see by being more inclusive the welfare of all employees will be enhanced and allow businesses to evaluate and potentially improve into market places not currently working in.
We do this in three ways:-
1. Communicate, Evaluate, prepare a plan and support the implementation of that plan to improve current services, policies and procedures, processes and accessibility.
2. Offer training on a wide range of things that will improve the quality of support for people.
3. Give advice to people who are supported and their supporters on how to make things better.

We welcome enquiries of any of these services. call 0141-212-3395



Offices 15- 17
15-17 Nasmyth Road
G52 4RE
United Kingdom

Phone: 01412123395

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