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To provide passengers who have a visual impairment with the same freedom of choice and ease of booking that sighted travellers have always enjoyed.

Services provided:

Traveleyes is the world’s first and foremost commercial company specialising in opening access to independent world travel for blind and partially sighted people.  They are a blind-founded, blind-led, quality-first international company offering a broad range of unique multi-sensory holiday vacations to suit all tastes.  Every Traveleyes holiday vacation features equal numbers of blind and sighted participants, some travelling solo, some with a partner, some as groups of friends. Whichever of these describes you, Traveleyes offer the ultimate group travel experience where sociability, flexibility and choice remain paramount, and are delivered through attention to detail and value for money. With the arrival of Traveleyes, visual impairment no longer necessitates the need to travel accompanied by family members. Now blind travellers can simply choose a destination from our fully accessible website or audio brochure.

Holiday destinations cover Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, and vary from the unique and exploratory to relaxing sunshine breaks. Visually impaired customers pay the Standard Traveleyes price, which is a fair, mainstream market price for what is in fact a quality-added, fully guided, specialist travel service. Sighted customers receive a discount off the Standard Traveleyes, price which is in return for guiding and describing the sights for their blind fellow-travellers.


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