Transplant Sport UK

Organise sports and social events for transplant recipients


To raise awareness of the need for organ donation in the UK and worldwide and to show thanks to and remember donors and their families.

Services provided:

Through organising sports and social events for transplant recipients they can show the benefits of organ donation and prove that you can lead a normal and active life again after transplantation.

They welcome the families, donors and donor families to join their Association also and to support their transplant athletes at the various sporting events which they organise throughout the year.

They are dependant upon sponsorship and donation to fund the administration and running of the Association.  Their appointed Trustees and Management Committee are all volunteers who give of their time, experience and energy to allow them to stage the events that they organise.

Founded as a result of the first ‘Transplant Olympics’ held in Portsmouth in 1978, they have a varied membership throughout the UK – aged from 4 to 80 – all having received the life-saving gift of a major organ.



2 Ashgrove House
Monument Business Park
OX44 7RW

Phone: 7712658150

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