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Description of service and products sold:

TinyTRAX powered wheelchairs are designed for people requiring some help with their mobility. With a weight limit of up to 40kg it is suitable for children as young as 18 months. They have also found that adults find great appeal in the TinyTRAX design, so they are launching a range specifically designed for them. They
understand that adults who are not too big for the chair, and have their own mobility needs, want to be using products that are desirable rather than merely functional.

TinyTRAX is often hugely beneficial to children who have even just some degree of difficulty walking. If they find it difficult to walk long distances TinyTRAX can help them get from A to B. This means that they can then explore more than they would otherwise be able. For long family walks or shopping trips, it can just make things that bit easier.

In order for the child to get the most out of their TinyTRAX we understand that they need to be seating correctly.

The following range of supports are available on TinyTRAX:-

1. Pommel for providing abduction of the legs

2. Range of supportive headrests

3. Soft hip supports

4. Range of Shoulder Harnesses

5. Lapstrap/seatbelts

6. Foot securing straps

7. Wrist stabilising straps

8. Thoracic Supports

All the cushioning on the TinyTRAX is made from 2 part memory foam so as to provide ultimate support and comfort.


Unit 1 The old library
Trinity road

Phone: 0117 909 8305 or
Website: http://www.tinytrax.com/index.php/supportive-seating/14-sample-data-articles
Email: info@tinytrax.com
Helpline number: 07812 001 548

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