The Wilson’s Disease Support Group- UK (WDSG-UK)

Support and information for anyone suffering from Wilson's Disease

Services provided:

Wilson’s Disease is a genetic disorder in which copper builds up in the body, mainly in the liver and brain. Without any treatment, the build-up of copper can cause serious symptoms. Treatment is with medication to remove the excess copper and/or to prevent a further build-up of copper.

The organisation aims to provide patient support and aims to provide and promote education and outreach.

Patient Support:

  • Maintains a membership list which includes patients, their families, their friends, and any other individuals and organisations interested in the disease    
  • Sends an annual newsletter containing information about the disease    
  • Provides a network for written and phone communication between affected individuals and their families.

Education and Outreach:

  • Answers questions from the public about the disease.  Provides relevant information for professionals to heighten awareness of the disease and to educate people about the disease.    
  • Offers advice on referral to doctors and resources for patients with Wilson’s Disease  
  • Distributes pamphlets and other information to genetics clinics and other professional groups for distribution to patients and their families    
  • Promotes public awareness of Wilson’s Disease through media coverage  
  • Co-operates with investigators to advance research into Wilson’s Disease.




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