The Talisman Charitable Trust

Provides one-off grants to people in need


They assist individuals in the UK of small means who the trustees consider to be deserving and may be described as “going short”. From time to time, they also assist other charities with similar objectives to our own.

In general, the relief of poverty includes grants for education, health, housing, disablement or disability. 

How to apply:

The trustees prefer to receive applications made via another charitable organisation, or indeed a local authority or Citizens’ Advice Bureau. This helps the trustees to make an informed decision about the often complex range of difficulties that face our potential applicants.

Applicants are asked to read the information in the “Apply for a Grant” section of the website, and then to submit their own application by post. Applications being made by organisations should use letterheaded stationary and should give a clear indication of the amount needed and the Organisation’s payee details.

As a minimum, all application should include:

  • The full name and address of the beneficiary/ies;
  • An idea of their financial circumstances;
  • A brief history of the case;
  • An explanation of what is needed and the extent to which “poverty” is involved;
  • An estimate of the funds required and payee details – remember that we usually prefer to pay the organisation supporting the application who will then oversee correct use of any grant.
  • A list of other charities approached (if any). 

It would be helpful if the following information was also provided:

  • For medical issues, supporting medical documentation;
  • For building work, appropriate quotes;
  • For educational requirements, supporting documentation from e.g. a school;
  • Information on other assistance the beneficiary may be receiving.


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