The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust

The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust is a Scottish grant-making trust

Services provided:

The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust is a Scottish grant-making trust with a focus on:
Neurological Conditions
Visual Impairment
Tackling Child Abuse & Neglect
Animal welfare
Medical Research
RNLI Lifeboats
Their mission is to support their beneficiary charities to achieve their purpose. They aim to distribute up to £3million annually through their grants programmes and are also keen to assist beneficiary charities with non-financial support.
The Trust can consider applications from charitable organisations working in Scotland for activities that are in line with their charitable objects.
There is a standard application process that involves completing an online form, and attaching details of the project proposal and the organisation’s most recent accounts information.

Small grants:
There are no deadlines for applications for awards of a value of £15,000 or less.
Main grants:
Main grants (over £15,000) are decided twice a year. Applications are assessed by volunteer panels and recommendations on awards are made to Trustees twice a year. There are different deadlines for applications depending on the charitable object your application relates to.

Medical Research Grants
We accept applications for research into neurological conditions, visual impairment or sight loss. If you’d like to apply for a research grant, we suggest contacting our Director to discuss your ideas.
· – Universities can apply for seedcorn or unrestricted funding for specific academics, research groups or centres who will carry out research in one of our areas of charitable concern.
· – Charities can apply for specific research projects that have completed a peer review process.
Strategic Grants
A small number of strategic grants are made by the Trust each year and tend to be with organisations that have received previous funding from the Trust. Proposals for strategic grants will be in line with our funding themes and meet one or more of the following criteria:
· – involve a collaboration with partners
· – innovation of a new programme or concept that requires pump priming
· – is enabling a programme to be taken to scale by replicating it in one or more new areas.
The application process for strategic awards is different to our other grants, so please contact the Director for an initial discussion before starting to develop a proposal.


21 Rutland Square

Phone: 0131 228 4681

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