The Martin Connell Charitable Trust

General charitable purposes

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Wide range of charitable purposes


Prevention or Relief of Poverty
Advancement of Education
Advancement of Religion
Advancement of Health
Saving of Lives
Advancement of Citizenship or Community Development
Advancement of the Arts, Heritage, Culture or Science
Advancement of Public Participation in Sport
Advancement of Human Rights, Conflict Resolution or Reconciliation
Advancement of Environmental Protection or Improvement
Relief of Those in Need By Reason of Age, Ill Health, Disability, Financial Hardship or Other Disadvantage
Advancement of Animal Welfare
Analogous to Any of the Preceding Purposes

what is available?

Variable from a maximum annual income of approximately £303,497 (2016)

who can apply?

Charities and community groups operating in Scotland

how to apply?

Applications in writing to the Trust

Scottish charity no: SC009842                 





Messrs Maclay Murray & Spens
1 George Square
G2 1AL

Phone: 0141 271 5338

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