The Hideout

Website created especially for children and young people experiencing domestic violence

Services provided:

Women’s Aid have created this site especially for children and young people experiencing domestic violence. The information is easy to read and understand.

The Hideout provides help, information and support for children and young people – whether they are currently living with violence, have experienced violence in the past or if they know someone else going through it and they’re looking for help and information. The information explains what domestic violence is, how it affects the person and where they can go for more help.

Throughout the site, it is suggested for the child or young person to call one of the helplines listed at the bottom of each page in The Hideout, if they want to speak to someone for support and advice straight away. When they phone one of these helplines, they don’t have to give their name if they don’t want to and they will not tell anyone what has been said to them unless the child / young person want them to or unless they are in great danger. It is free, confidential advice.

On many pages in The Hideout can be found ‘Also See’ boxes. These have links to other pages in The Hideout or other websites that can give more information on a certain topic. The ‘Links’ page in the ‘More help’ section will also give a lot of other sites that they can visit for more information on domestic violence and other topics. Some websites for children and young people also provide free, confidential online advice.



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