The Association for the Relief of Infirmity in the West of Scotland

Distributes cash grants to people with incurable conditions

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Distributes one-off cash grants and monthly grants which are paid six monthly in arrears to people with incurable conditions. The incurable condition has to be the result of a contracted / untreatable disease and not due to a congenital state or the result of an accident. Each new case is carefully considered by the Board of Directors who decide, on the advice of the Medical Directors, whether the patient truly has an incurable disease, which is untreatable and has progressed to a disabling stage sufficient to bring the case within their criteria.

Additional information:

Referrals are to be by a Social Worker and the application form should be completed by them, and not the applicant.  Applications are also accepted from charities and other organisations with whom applicants have contact.

An application form is available on the website.

Charity no: SC014424  


Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP
319 St Vincent Street
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United Kingdom

Phone: 0141 248 3434

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