The Andrew & Mary Elizabeth Little Charitable Trust

Grants to individuals and organisations in Scotland, with a preference for the Glasgow area

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The trust mainly supports organisations based in Scotland such as hospitals, homes for the elderly and care homes for children. Provide grants to individuals and organisations with a preference for those based in the Glasgow area.


  • Prevention or Relief of Poverty
  • Advancement of Education
  • Advancement of Health
  • Relief of Those in Need By Reason of Age, Ill Health, Disability, Financial Hardship or Other Disadvantage
  • Advancement of Animal Welfare

what is available?

Variable from a maximum income of approximately £62,027(2013)

who can benefit? 

Benefits Children or Young
Benefits Older People
Benefits Disabled or Health

who can apply?

Grants made to individuals and organisations

how to apply?

In writing to the correspondent. Trustees meet once a month. Individuals should provide financial details of income support.


R Munton
Low Beaton Richmond Solicitors
Sterling House
20 Renfield Street
G2 5AP

Phone: 0141 221 8931

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