Talking News Federation

Assist local talking newspaper groups


TNF is an umbrella organisation that represents the interests of local Talking Newspapers in the UK. It was formed specifically:

  • To provide information, guidance and help to local Talking Newspapers across the UK
  • To help TNs provide a comprehensive local news service to blind and partially sighted people
  • To provide people with information and contact details
  • To campaign at a National level on related issues on behalf of local TNs

Services provided:

Over 300 local and independent talking newspapers across the United Kingdom are mainly run by volunteers. They record local news and information into audio format (cassette tapes, CD’s, memory sticks, or through the internet) for blind and partially sighted people. Some of these services are now being expanded to physically handicapped people as well.

All local Talking Newspapers are free. All national Talking Newspapers are subscription based.


Craven House
145 Victoria Road
Old Town
United Kingdom

Phone: 01793 497 555

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