Take Your Medicine – a guide to pill boxes, dispensers and reminders

Guide tells about different ways of getting round the problems of remembering to take medication

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It’s all too easy to forget to take medicines and it’s easy to get confused if you have a lot to take at different times. A World Health Organisation survey found that half of people who took medicines long term took them incorrectly.

This guide tells about different ways of getting round this problem and looks at some gadgets designed to help.

Professionals and users assessed some of the gadgets. Their reviews can be found in the guide.

  • Safety first – Some tips on keeping and taking your medicines safely
  • What are the options? – Some ideas to help if you have problems with your medicines
  • Gadgets that can help – Boxes and alarms that you can get to help
  • Telecare – Information about telecare services and equipment
  • Things to look out for – Some things to think about if you are buying something to help you
  • Our tests – What our experts thought about the products we tested
  • Help and advice – Where you can get help finding or choosing equipment or services
  • Shops and suppliers – Where you can get pill boxes and other equipment and services

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