Surrogacy UK

Surrogacy organisation offering support and advice

Services provided:

Surrogacy UK was created by experienced surrogates. They wanted to form an organisation that reflected their experience of what makes surrogacy work: the things needed to make every surrogacy journey as wonderful as it can be.

There is loads of information on the website and members can access:-

A safe place to meet your intended parents – Via the boards, the profiles of IPs (Intended Parents) that you will have access to

Advice and support from first hand experience – Surrogacy UK has built up a vast amount of knowledge about surrogacy

Access to surrogate – where you can ask for advice, share frustrations and worries

Peer support workers – Members are assigned a peer support worker who understands the ups and downs of a surrogacy journey, and will be able to help you through it.

Information sharing – Workshops and information sharing sessions

A process build up from experience – They ensure that all members – IPs and Surrogates – have a full understanding of what surrogacy involves and the legal background to surrogacy.


PO Box 8265


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