Support After You Report a Crime

Website giving information about the criminal justice system and how to get help and advice


This website can help anyone who has been affected by crime in Scotland. The website gives information about the criminal justice system as well as how to get help and advice.

Sections include: 

Support and Advice:
This section gives information about voluntary organisations that can provide help, support and advice.  It also explains the role of public sector agencies, such as the police. The standards of service you should expect to receive from the organisations you may come across in the criminal justice system are also explained. Specialised advice may also be found here for victims of particular crimes.

Reporting a Crime:
This part explains why you should consider reporting a crime and the process of doing so.

The Justice Process:
The criminal justice process can seem to be very complicated. This section is broken down into different parts that explain what may happen to you.

For anyone who is a witness to a crime, more information is available from the following website.



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