Strathclyde Law Clinic

Provide legal advice, writing letters, speaking to relevant authorities and negotiating settlements to disputes and representation in the courts

Services provided:

The legal assistance they provide includes legal advice, writing letters, speaking to relevant authorities or opponents, negotiating settlements to disputes, and representation in the courts. Although these services will be provided free, you might still need to pay your own legal expenses, such as the cost of instituting proceedings, or other expenses, such as getting to court.

They provide help on a wide variety of problems and disputes, such as housing, consumer law, employment law and Council tax – although they will usually not take on family disputes where children are involved; the interests of children require professional legal representations.

In addition, they will not take on your case if:

  • You qualify for legal aid
  • You can afford a solicitor
  • Another better qualified agency can help you (such as a debt advice agency, Immigration Advisory Service, a Citizens’ Advice Bureaux)


Room 844 (Level 8)
Graham Hills Building
40 George Street
G1 1QE

Phone: 0141 548 5995

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