Stage Captions

Live Captioning services for deaf people

Live Captioning – real-time subtitling of meetings, conferences and events with text displayed on laptop, large screen or streamed direct to the client’s tablet or mobile phone.

The service can be delivered on-site, remotely or to online and in-person audiences at the same time.  Simultaneous Google translation in multiple languages is available to facilitate access for international audiences.

A transcript of proceedings can be provided as an aide-memoire.

Live Captions can also be provided for scripted, or semi-scripted (ie, panto) theatrical performances or music events.

Remote live captioning can be streamed to any location.


Lipspeaking is a communication service for deaf and hard-of-hearing people who communicate through lipreading and speech.
A lipspeaker is a hearing person who has been professional trained to be easy to lipread.  The lipspeaker silently relays the spoken message to the lipreader, reproducing the sound, flow, rhythm and stress of the speaker.  Where needed, Sign Supported English or fingerspelling can be added to support understanding.  |

NRCPD registered
SRLPDC registered
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Registered with The Information Commissioner’s Office


19 Whitson Walk
EH11 3BX
United Kingdom

Phone: 07837 622229

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