Social Investment Scotland

Social Investment Scotland is a social enterprise and charity offering loan funding and business support for social enterprises, charities and community groups.

We offer loan funding:

We provide access to finance and support so that social enterprises can achieve maximum impact. Our loans range from £10k to £1.3m, with 33% of SIS customers securing loans under £50k.

We provide support to boost resilience:

We run projects, programmes and other forms of support to help communities and social enterprises grow – in size, confidence and ability.

We believe in an Impact Economy:

Our vision is for an Impact Economy: one in which social entrepreneurs, businesses, consumers, investors and government are aligned and take action to deliver meaningful outcomes.

And responsible business by default:

We’re developing ever-improving ethical business practices, both within SIS and the organisations we support. To do this, we draw on best practice in the areas of diversity, environment, people, community, governance and supply chains.


3rd Floor, 27 George Street
27 George Street
6 Broughton Street Lane
United Kingdom

Phone: 01315587706
Contact form:

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