Smart Play Network (Scotland)

Support the value and benefits of play projects and services for children in Scotland

Services provided:

Smart Play Network is the national organisation supporting toy libraries, play services and play providers in Scotland.

Their vision is that all children in Scotland have access to a range of quality play opportunities appropriate to their age, stage, abilities and needs, and can exercise their right to play every day.

Their mission is to:
• Ensure that play services and projects are supported and valued for their role in children’s development and wellbeing.
• Support, deliver and promote the value and benefits of play projects and services, toy libraries and other ventures to offer high quality, sustainable provision for children in Scotland.
• Work alongside others to support, develop and deliver such services and towards achieving our long term vision.
• Ensure our member’s views are taken into consideration at national policy level and that they are informed of national policy development.

 They exist to:

favicon offer advice and practical tools to set up and maintain successful projects to deliver positive outcomes for children and families.

favicon directly deliver a number of ‘grass roots’ projects favicon work closely with others within the play and childcare sector as well as liaising with policy makers.

favicon represent their members views on forums and committees ensuring they have a voice within the wider sector.

favicon offer a range of training courses in Play as well as topics such as Evaluation and Social Media.



16 Constitution Street

Phone: 0131 554 2620

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