SHARE Scotland

Provide accommodation and support for people with complex learning disabilities

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To address the need for appropriate accommodation and support for people with complex disabilities.

Services provided:

At SHARE Scotland, they deliver individually tailor-made support services to people with disabilities. The people they support may have simple or complex support needs, including learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairments, autism, communication difficulties – and more.

Residential Services:
There are many reasons why some individuals may require 24-hour support – perhaps because of a complex learning disability, communication difficulties or specific health needs. Those with 24-hour support have dedicated staff teams who work in shifts, either with a night shift member of staff or someone sleeping in the house overnight.
At SHARE Scotland, they support people with disabilities to hold and maintain their own tenancy and play an active role in their local community whilst leaving as light a footprint in their lives as possible.

Information on Self Directed Support. 

Additional information:

SHARE Scotland was founded in 1984 by a group of parents of children with profound disabilities.


6b Moorpark Court
33 Dava Street
G51 2JA

Phone: 0141 445 8992

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