Seafarer’s Children’s Support

Grants available for children, holidays, home computers as well as support


If you are a parent who has worked at sea Seafarer’s Children’s Support may be able to help you with money and other support for your family.

The parent only needs to be able to prove that they have worked at sea for one day, in any capacity whatsoever, so if they worked on a ferry as a cook or deckhand or hairdresser, or as a musician on a cruise ship for just one day that would then qualify them as a seafarer.

But all the other services count as well, so you could have worked on tankers, canal boats, fishing boats or served in the Royal or Merchant Navy – in other words, if you worked at sea they accept you and may be able to offer you long term support.

The only other conditions are that your family get Child Benefit and either Housing or Council Tax Benefit.

Please note: Their help does not affect your other benefits; it’s in addition to them!

Support could include:-

  • Financial help in the form of a monthly grant (currently £56 for the first child and £24 for any others) 
  • They also offer a PC, broadband and printer package
  • Christmas grants
  • School clothing grants
  • Ad Hoc grants for things like washing machines and beds
  • Help with school trips and other educational visits
  • Holidays in one of our caravans spread around the coast and help with travel
  • Cold weather heating grants.

You don’t need to worry about form filling, if they think that you fit the criteria, a case worker either from the society or another maritime support agency will give you a call to arrange a visit with you, they will then get the details necessary to progress your application for support.

Theresa McGuire is the Community Engagement Officer who is based in Glasgow.  She can be contacted on  07951 615 372, or by email on


Phone: 01482 342331

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