Scottish Recovery Network

A Scotland where mental health recovery is real for everyone in every community

People and their experiences are at the heart of everything the Scottish Recovery Network (SRN) do. Everyone has mental health. We believe that together we can make recovery real for everyone in every community.


1). To work with others to support communities and people within them to achieve their recovery potential
2). To place lived experience at the centre of health and social policy in Scotland
3). To support and share recovery learning and approaches:

  • Sharing evidence from research
  • Raising awareness of and supporting best practice happening at a local, national and international level
  • Encouraging and facilitating conversations about recovery

SRN is not a service provider. Information available is on their website, including people’s personal stories of their own lived experience of mental ill-health and recovery. 

They can also provide hard copies of many of their resources for free to those in Scotland. You can also join the recovery conversation on Twitter (@SRN_Tweet), facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud.


Scottish Recovery Network
Standard Buildings
Floor 6
94 Hope Street
G2 6PH

Phone: 0141 240 7790

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