Our mission is to work nationally and deliver locally as a strong community- based organisation that seeks to create safe and cohesive communities across Scotland.

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Sacro’s values and principles:

We are committed to working to the highest ethical standards. These include: integrity, recognising and valuing diversity; promoting equality of opportunity; and probity in the use of public funds. Our practice is guided by the belief that all should be shown respect and be empowered to take personal responsibility, acknowledging their capacity for change. Our key principles are that we acknowledge:

Conflict is most effectively resolved through informal, facilitated resolution which assists those involved to identify their own lasting solutions;

Conflict is most effectively resolved through informal, facilitated resolution which assists those involved to identity their own lasting solutions;

Offending and its consequences are most effectively dealt with through an emphasis on community disposals and sentencing, other than where there is an overriding need to protect society

services provided:

  • Adult Restorative Justice
  • Alcohol Throughcare Service
  • Another Way Service
  • Antisocial Behaviour Reduction: Scoping Project
  • Arrest Referral Service
  • Bail Curfew
  • Bail Services
  • Bright Choices
  • The Caledonian System
  • Circles of Support and Accountability
  •  Click
  • Community Payback Service
  • Crisis Intervention Service
  • Early and Effective Intervention
  • Fearfree
  • The Garden Project
  • New Routes
  • Outreach Support Service
  • PAIR (Preventing Abuse in Relationships)
  • Peer Mentoring Service
  • Self-directed Intensive Support Service
  • Shine Women’s Mentoring Service
  • STOP (Anti-sectarianism / hate crime services)
  • Supported Accommodation Service
  • Supported Tenancy Service
  • Throughcare Service
  • Travel Service
  • Veterans Mentoring Service
  • Women’s Mentoring Service
  • Assertive Outreach Service
  • Court Support Service
  • Intensive Support Packages for Young People
  • One to One Behaviour Change Programmes
  • Whole System Approach: Youth Justice
  • Youth Groupwork Programme
  • Youth Restorative Justice Services
  • Community Mediation Services
  • Conflict Resolution Workshops
  • Fife Community Safety Support Service
  • Glasgow Homelessness Mediation Service
  • YourHome Housing Support

local groups:

As well as the national office there are services located throughout Scotland, contact the organisation for further details.


29 Albany Street

Phone: 0131 624 7270
Fax: 0131 624 7269

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