Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC)

RiDC is a user-led specialist research charity, run by & for people with personal experience of disability. It has an active UK-wide consumer panel.

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• to help businesses improve products and services, improving accessibility and ensuring that they’re inclusive

• to provide consumer information and user reviews to help disabled and older people choose the right products and services to lead an independent life.

• to take the voice of disabled and older consumers to decision makers.

RiDC has an active UK- wide consumer panel of over 1,300 disabled and older people, who provide the expertise, knowledge and basic for all RiDC research:

Panel members take part in mystery shopping and other research projects throughout the UK. Through its specialist research, RiDC works with manufacturers, service providers, regulators and policy makers to improve products and services for the needs of disabled, older people and consumers which benefits everyone.


Services provided:

Specialist Research Service

RiDC research always starts from the perspective of disabled and older people. By listening and understanding peoples’ specific needs, RiDC research reflects practical, real-life situations.  RiDC’s research includes mystery shopping, usability assessments (including packaging testing), lab tests, survey research and service evaluations, for example about travel and transport. RiDC offers a professional, bespoke research service to help businesses and organisations find out: 

  • How accessible their products or services are for disabled and older people.
  • How well they’re performing compared with their competitors in meeting the needs of these consumers.
  • What aspects of the business some disabled and older customers find particularly challenging.

RiDC’s consumer panel is open to older and disabled people throughout Scotland. People can sign up online or over the phone. For most research your time, travel and pa expenses are covered.


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm.


RiDC also provides specialist online guidance on mobility: car controls, choosing a car, motoring for older drivers, choosing a car for families who have disabled, getting a powered wheelchair, getting a wheelchair into a car, getting in and out of a car, wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) and motoring for people with specific disabilities – for people following amputation, those who’ve had a brain injury or a stroke, or have arthritis, cerebral palsy , multiple sclerosis or have restricted growth. The guidance is also available as pdf documents to download for free. RiDC also has checklists on buying riser recliner chairs, stairlifts and bathing plus ease-of-use assessments showing which models of cookers and central heating controls are easy to use for blind and older people.

RiDC has a unique online car search to help people find a shortlist of vehicles using key internal vehicle measurements such as seat height, boot size and door opening. Search over 1,700 vehicles and view factsheets. 



Unit 10 Blenheim Court
62 Brewery Road
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Phone: 020 7427 2460

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