Prostate Scotland

Provide information on the full range of prostate diseases including prostate cancer


To provide easily accessible, accurate information on prostate disease and prostate cancer to men and their families throughout Scotland.

Services provided:

  • Materials including posters and leaflets to raise awareness about the prostate and prostate disease
  • A series of ‘easy to read’ guides providing information for men and their families on the full range of prostate diseases; Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), Prostatitis, prostate cancer and PSA blood test which are suitable for and can be made available in local community settings and GP practices 
  • A series of ‘Explanatory guides’ for men who have been diagnosed with a particular prostate disease
  • A series of ‘Spotlight on guides’ dealing with a particular topic or care issue relevant to prostate disease/prostate cancer
  • Website containing a wealth of information
  • A Workplace Toolkit
  • ToolBox Workshops provided on site by Prostate Scotland enabling employers to raise awareness of prostate disease/cancer with their workforce
  • Talks or presentations to groups on raising awareness of prostate health and conditions

Membership costs:



14 Torphichen Place

Phone: 0131 603 8660

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