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Playback believes that inclusion, citizenship, health and wellbeing, respect for and acceptance of difference and diversity need to be rooted in our schools and embedded in our children’s learning and thinking.  There is also a corresponding challenge of equal importance for staff providing services to develop their own understanding of and commitment to these key concepts to reduce inequalities within services.

Playbacks research and development process produces educational resources for schools, provides CPD opportunities for teachers and staff and self-evaluation material to promote good practice and improve learning outcomes.

Playback’s resource portfolio places learners at the centre of everything, they are fully involved in thinking about their education, skills development, Health and Wellbeing, their lives and the challenges they face, locally and globally.

We believe our resources make a difference to the life chances of children and young people by supporting their wellbeing and skills development motivating them to lead a full, productive and meaningful life including:

1.   The ICE pack – Know Me, Knowing You – A Social and Emotional and Skills Development Programme for 3 -1 2 years

2.   Our suite of SCQF accredited units equalling 51 SCQF credits comparable to National 2, 3 and 4 Levels

3.   Playback’s Wellbeing and Skills Development Profiles for 3 – 18 years

We have also responded to teachers needs and the government’s strategy re the use of digital technology to support learning and teaching by ensuring all these materials are available digitally.

We believe the combination of wellbeing and skills development resources/programmes will help us to respond to government priorities to ensure learners are equipped, skilled and prepared to take their place in society, the world of work and life in the 21st century.



489 Lanark Road
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United Kingdom

Phone: 0131 453 5514
Helpline number: 07515 346 084

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