Next Generation Text (NGT)

A text relay assistant will relay the phone conversation between you and the person you're calling or who is calling you

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Description of service:

Next Generation Text (NGT) Service has replaced Text Relay (also known as TextDirect and Typetalk).

The NGT Service works in a similar way to Text Relay and you can make calls in the same way as before using the same textphone or telephone.

As with Text Relay the NGT service is available on home, office, and mobile phone lines from BT and other UK fixed and mobile phone service providers.


As well as using the same text relay assistants as Text Relay, supporting the same textphones, and having the same 1800X prefixes NGT has a number of existing new features:

  • NGT Lite app – you can replace your textphone with the free NGT Lite app for computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • free-flowing conversation – by using the NGT Lite app VCO is a thing of the past, you no longer need to switch between text and voice
  • TextNumbers – give people who call you an alternative to the 18002 prefix

Making a call from a textphone:
If you’re making a call from a textphone, NGT will take care of your call, so you can communicate with the person you’re calling.

Dial 18001 number
Dial 18000 for EMERGENCY calls




c/o Internal Box 14
Telephone House
170-175 Moor Lane

Phone: 0800 73 11 888 (hearing users)
Helpline number: 0800 500 888 (textphone)

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