Narcolepsy UK

Support organisation for people with Narcolepsy

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  • To promote awareness of narcolepsy and provide authoritative information about it to people with narcolepsy, to the medical profession and to the public
  • To support the establishment of local self-help groups in which narcoleptics can exchange experience and provide mutual support
  • To press for the recognition of narcolepsy as a disability by the social services
  • To encourage research into the causes and treatment of narcolepsy
  • To co-operate with narcolepsy associations overseas to further these aims.

services provided:

  • Provides authoritative information about the condition
  • Supports the establishment of self-help groups
  • Encourages research into the causes and treatment of narcolepsy
  • Co-operates with Narcolepsy Associations overseas.



Helpline number: 0845 450 0394

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