Music and the Deaf

Helps hearing impaired people explore the world of music

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  • To foster an interest in music and related arts.
  • To help people of all ages and levels of hearing loss to develop music-making skills.
  • To encourage the inclusion of deaf people at musical events either as audiences and/or performers.
  • To make hearing people more aware of the value of music to deaf people.

Services provided:

  •  Provides practical music workshops for deaf and hard of hearing people of all ages on a regular or ad hoc basis.

  • Provides performances by the FORTE Ensemble, a group of professional deaf musicians.

  • Collaborates with all arts and deaf organisations to include deaf people in music making opportunities.

  • Provides training and talks to raise awareness of music and deafness.

  • Provides instrumental opportunities for deaf young people in partnership with a number of Music Services (MODULATE project January 2018 and onwards.)

  • Provides practical music sessions for the elderly with a hearing loss and dementia. (April 2018 and onwards.)


Become a Friend of Music and the Deaf (MatD). Contact the organisation for further details.

Additional information:

Music and the Deaf works all over the UK and occasionally overseas. If you are keen to make music opportunities inclusive for deaf people and need advice or support, please contact us.


Albion House
Ravenshorn Way
South Yorkshire
S21 3WY

Phone: 07988 292218 (phone / text.)

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