Missing People Helpline

Missing People offer support when someone disappears

Services provided:

Missing People is an independent charity funded by donations.  They are a lifeline when someone disappears.  They are caring and highly trained staff and volunteers working in collaboration with partners across the UK.  For those left behind, they provide specialised support to end the heartache and confusion and search for their missing loved one.

116 000 is the number to call, text or email for advice, support and options if you, or someone you love, goes missing or runs away – it’s free, 24 hour and confidential.  They provide round the clock emotional support for the duration of a disappearance.




Roebuck House
284 Upper Richmond Road West
SW14 7JE

Website: https://www.missingpeople.org.uk/
Email: 116000@missingpeople.org.uk
Minicom: 116 000 (Text)
Helpline number: 116 000

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