Medical Research Council

Administration of government funding for medical research


  • To promote and support, by any means, high quality basic, strategic and applied research and related post-graduate training in the biomedical and other sciences with the aim of maintaining and improving human health.
  • To advance knowledge and technology and to provide trained researchers to meet the needs of users and beneficiaries.
  • To provide advice on and disseminate knowledge and promote public understanding of, research in the biomedical sciences.

Services provided:

The council has eight core objectives which express the things the Council is seeking to achieve and the partnerships to achieve the desired end-points.

  • Science: to stimulate and strengthen research relevant to human health
  • People: to promote training and career development
  • Environments: to create and nurture productive environments for research
  • Exploitation and application: to encourage others to exploit the fruits of MRC research
  • Communication: to publicise research and its achievements as part of a strategy of promoting public understanding of science
  • Professionalism: to continue to maintain and develop professional standards and effective business management in all activities
  • User needs: to take account of the research needs of user communities – notably in the health service and public health, in industry and in the government – in developing and implementing scientific strategy
  • Partnership: to develop partnerships with others providing purchasing or sponsoring research – within and out of the UK.


14th Floor
One Kemble Street

Phone: 01793 416 200

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