MBM Healthcare

Comprehensive range of medical beds, mattress, and other essentials.

At MBM Healthcare, our aim is to be a trusted partner for healthcare facilities, and individuals, providing them with the highest quality medical equipment and services. We are committed to offering exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and reliable solutions. Our dedicated team is available during normal working hours from 9 am till 5pm, Monday to Friday, to assist customers with their needs.

MBM Healthcare is a leading provider of medical equipment and services, specialising in the sales and rentals of medical beds, mattresses, hoists, slings, heel boots and many more essential items ensuring optimal patient care and comfort.

By actively engaging with local groups such as care homes and the NHS, we seek to understand their unique challenges and deliver solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Please note that our involvement with local groups may vary over time as we continue to expand our partnerships and explore new opportunities.

In addition to sales and rentals, we also offer servicing, repairs, and LOLER testing to ensure that our customers equipment remains in optimal condition and compliant with safety standards. Our team of trained technicians is available to provide timely and efficient maintenance and repairs, minimising downtime and maximising equipment usage.

By continuously striving for excellence, we aim to contribute to the improvement of patient care and outcomes making a positive impact on everyone.


Capledrae Cottage
United Kingdom

Phone: 01592840011
Website: https://mbmhealthcare.co.uk/
Email: gbathgate@mbmhealthcare.co.uk

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