Lillyburn Care Home

Private care home in East Dunbartonshire

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Service provided:

Lillyburn Care Home, a modern bespoke care home, is situated at Birdston Road, Milton of Campsie, and is at the cutting edge of care provision.

Providing 24 hour nursing care in a secure setting for the frail elderly person and those with mild dementia. At Lillyburn, care is delivered by trained professionals. and their objective is to allow residents to come together in small social groups, reinforcing and maintaining daily living skills.

The home provides a warm and secure environment on a domestic scale, where bedrooms are grouped together in a homely manner around a lounge/dining and kitchen area.

They can only offer respite between admissions and discharges. A referral is required if funding is from the Social Work Department. If self funding, no referral is required.


To be discussed.

Respite provided:

Normally residential respite is provided.





100 Birdston Road
G66 8BY

Phone: 0141 776 3366

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