Langthorne Automation

automatic door opener installs and repairs and servicing

Description of service:

Langthorne Automation Ltd. supply and install remote controlled access security equipment. The range is highly adaptable to customers’ needs and location.

Products available include a selection of keyless locks, door openers, door entry systems and alarms.

The Bodyguard Personal Attack alarm: is specially designed to be available for use in many situations: it can be hand held, worn on a belt, waist band or jacket.

Wheelchair Mounted Key Fob: can be used with up to four door openers.

Hands Free Intercoms: can be used to communicate with other people around the home. The system is used in conjunction with a door latch release.
All systems can be adapted to suit client’s personal needs.
Many other products are available, contact the organisation for further details.

Equipment hire:

Do not hire out equipment.

Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday, 8.00am – 8.00pm.

Additional information:

Accessible premises
Flexible appointments can be arranged outside office hours.


25 Donaldson Crescent
South Bank Business Park
G66 1XF
United Kingdom

Phone: 0141 776 1500
Fax: 0141 776 8358

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